About Heaven Cloud

Your online cloud

Heaven Cloud strives to offer excellence to you. We will make sure you are happy with the service we provide. You will have access to a state of the art Admin panel for all your services. with the Admin panel you will be kept in the loop.

The Admin panel is specifically tailored for your needs. The basics of the Admin panel are detailed below, These are the components you will get included in the package

  • Analytics
  • Website editor
  • Invoicing
  • Bookings
  • Product Sales
  • Stock lists
  • Client Feedback
  • Webmail(Full online access to send and receive emails)
  • Lifetime product support

What Heaven Cloud can do for you

We provide website design and management. The websites we design are world class with an Admin panel to allow you to edit your own website anytime anywhere. All websites as well as the Admin panel have a responsive design allowing you to reach a wider audiance including desktop, tablet and mobile phone users. This covers all the current types of devices that your users will be using.

The desktop application development will be designed as requested by you. We offer any type of development that you will need from Point of sales systems to security systems.

Mobile application development is supported on selected devices(IOS, Android, Windows). The mobile application can be linked to your desktop application or web application giving you access to all your applications or websites functions all the time

Basic website

(Up to 10 pages)

R 3000


(Up to 10 pages)

R 10 000

Social Network

(Up to 10 pages)

R 20 000

Any and all desktop application you need can be made through Heaven Cloud. The base fee for any application will be R 40 000 and will be designed to meet your need, All applications will need a consultation to determine the final price you will be charged. The apps we create will use an online database allowing you to integrate these apps with a wide range of projects we can offer you from Point of sales systems to vehicle tracking. Anything you need!
All mobile applications will be made on Windows, IOS and Android phones/tablets. The base fee for any app will be R 50 000 and will be designed to meet your need. A consultation will also be needed for all phone apps to determine the final price. We design anyhting from Social apps to full E-Commerce applications.

Heaven Cloud Services


We strive to offer you the best website online to meet ALL of your needs. Our state of the art admin panel allows you to edit your website from anywhere in the world with a host of addons to improve your experience.

Desktop Applications

We will offer any and all application you need with excellence. From database orientated to a simple drawing application. Anything you need we will deliver.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are the future in development. From Android development to IOS development. We connect you or your company to the future with each of our apps provided to you.

Uncapped DSL

Our uncapped adsl packages are specifically designed to give you the best connectivity experience. Please contact us for a quote


Our hardware is top of the range. The modems that we offer is guaranteed to give you the best wifi possible.

Capped DSL

The Capped packages we offer are completely unshaped. You will have full speeds no matter what time of day it is.

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