Websites Information

  • We require a 50% Deposit

  • You will receive confirmation of when the projected started

  • We require of you to contact us(using email only) for changes on the project during the building time we gave you.

  • Admin panel will be build when you gave confirmation that the project is 100%

  • We will send admin details to you once we are done with the build of the admin panel

  • Last payment is due when we give admin details

  • Launch site:
    *Domain included
    *Email setup Included

    Website Policy:

  • We don’t start with the project before deposit

  • Last changes of the website - No other changes can be made before the website is launched(We will charge a fee if you have other changes after launch)

  • Final invoice payable on admin panel details received
    *Domain names can not be changed later. A new domain will have to be purchased

  • Changes need to be descriptive

    Company Policy:

  • Emails will be the preferred form of communication being monitored after work hours 08:00 to 17:00

    *Phone calls may be billed if outside 08:00 to 17:00
    *7 days after payment is due services will be interupted